A Better Understanding of Commercial Roof Coatings

After a commercial roof has been constructed, waterproofing your commercial roof is your next step as well as setting up a maintenance agreement for your commercial roof.  Texas first roofing & Construction has certified commercial roofing contractors ready to help with waterproofing your commercial roof and designing a custom commercial roof maintenance agreement for you-RoofPro.

One manufacturer, GAF, provides different types of versatile roof coating systems for a variety of environments and expectations. These coatings are liquid applied through a simple process and help to eliminate the failure of the roof structure. Listed are different types of coatings:


United Coatings Roof Mate Coatings is one of the world's first acrylic roofing elastomers. This reliable, water-resistant layer preserves and protects.

  • Reflective, resulting in heat-reduction, decreasing the temperature of the interior. Resulting in lowering the energy usage and cost of up-keep on the structure, and extending the life of the roof.
  • The versatile liquid applied coatings can be applied over existing modified bitumen, concrete, metal, and more. This coating is mainly used to cover virtually any flat and low-sloped roofs.
  • This coating was designed and produced with a monolithic design in mind. Which means that the roof becomes one singular piece. One solid surface, with all penetrations and details being covered and combined into one solid surface. Eliminating points of failure that could occur.

United Coating Diathon Roof Coatings is an advanced high solids acrylic elastomer. This product protects sprayed in place polyurethane foam degradation. This coating contains a biocide package, which helps guard against biological growth such as algae and mildew.


United Coatings Unisil is a solvent based silicone roof coating, and Unisil HS Roof Coatings is an ultra-high solid elastomeric silicone coating. These coatings will provide weatherproofing, fire resistance and UV resistance, which will allow the life extension of the roof.  These products are also Water-resistant to rain and other weather phenomena. These products have been tried and tested, revealing the flexibility of the products. As the seasons and temperature change, the coating will expand and contract along with the roofing, providing coverage all-year-round.


United Coatings KYMAX Coating is a fluoropolymer resin proven to give durability and performance of any traditional coating. This coating has a tough “enamel-like” finish, which allows the resistance of things such as dirt, oil, biological (mold and mildew), and weather extremes. This product has been proven to be Water Resistant.

  • The high reflectivity of this product allows for major reduction of heat. Allowing for energy savings and reduced costs for the usage.


GAF’s United Coatings Elastuff 101/103 is considered a high solid polyurethane coating system. The components of this coating provide a balance of tensile strength and hardness. This product is proven in its durability, mildew, dirt and chemical resistance. It is also reliable in its weatherproofing, resulting in its water resistance capabilities.

These are just a few of the great products that are available through GAF. The product itself will protect but the most important thing is the proper application of this product. While anyone can apply a coating, only a trusted and certified commercial roofing contractor can apply these quality products correctly.  Texas First Roofing & Construction has the best contractors ready to go and provide the best service for your needs. We are not just residential roofers, but we are a commercial roofing company located in Dallas, Texas. For more information regarding commercial roofing systems; contact our office by phone at 972-709-1517 or email at Team@Texasfirstroofing.com

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