Importance of Commercial Roofing Maintenance

When it comes to commercial roofing we don’t think much about maintenance or upkeep of the roof, but much like a residential roof, maintaining a commercial roof is just as important. When it comes to maintenance service Texas First Roofing & Construction has “RoofPro,” a great commercial maintenance program that could offer an array of services for your commercial roofing needs.

Our “RoofPro” commercial maintenance program offers 4 different tiers to choose from depending on your needs. Each tier has the basic Roof System Inspection which includes information about the inspection followed by the identification of existing roof systems, a photo-documented report, and repair proposal broken down by the severity of service needed.

When disaster strikes, you need assistance quickly, from an honest company who will take care of you like family. That's the approach that we take at Texas First Roofing & Construction on all emergency roof repairs and when it comes down to those situations our customers are well taken care of. If you have an emergency and need roofing assistance with a water leak in your roof, or even fire damage, contact Texas First Roofing & Construction immediately.

A routine inspection and maintenance of commercial roofing isn’t overly complicated but finding the right professional for the job could be. Before beginning work on a new building, or even a re-roofing project on an existing one, talk to your roofing contractor about their roof maintenance program. This small step can end up saving an untold amount of money over the life of the building.

Depending on the size of your roof, and the size of your roof problem, scheduling your roof project may take some time and patience. It will make the process easier for you if you plan in advance and have clear expectations for your contractor. Don’t be afraid to ask for an expected timeline or project date ahead of time.

If you have any further questions about what your commercial roofing system will cost or how to start a project, email us anytime at or by filling out our form online to find out more.

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